It's kick-off time!

Creation of content for the site begins tomorrow, with the first of our in-class workshops! The first task will be the allocation of species to people, then students will find others working on species in the same genus and family. We will also explore the structure of this site, how Scratchpads work and what kinds of resources are available for building the site.

Over the course of the week, we will build a taxonomy that will be uploaded and used to give the site some structure.  We will be using names currently accepted by the Western Australian Herbarium, and comparing them to listings on EOL. In following weeks, we will be doing workshops on how to read formal taxonomic descriptions, and how to translate the technical language they contain into more accessible text suitable to a description page on this site.

For now, however, the taxonomy is the short-term goal, with the collection of literature and images a mid-term aim.

We will also be looking for a site logo - so any members with ideas for a cool logo, send them in!

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