Working with page content- some tips.

A couple of people have spoken to me regarding content that has been lost or not uploaded. Here are some general tips that may help avoid this happening:

  • Write your text in a word document  separate from the webpage, then either save it as a text (.txt file) to copy and paste into the text editor, or import it. Apart from anything else, this means you have a copy of your assignment content separate from the site itself (always a good practice to have backup copies of assignments).
  • Save frequently.  Make a few changes (eg enter your taxon description) then 'save' before moving on to add content into another section.
  • Avoid using a tablet to upload content. Users of iPads and Samsung Galaxy tabs have experienced problems, possibly related to the browser, but maybe also to other issues. Use either a laptop or desktop with a non-mobile OS.
  • Use the latest version of either Firefox (by Mozilla) or Google Chrome (advice of the Scratchpads support team).

If you have experienced content loss on Monday morning 07 October, please email me with the time you were working on the system, what species you were working on, and a description of a) exactly what you were attempting to do and b) any error message that you received.

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