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R. J. Chinnock0Schizaea fistulosa Labill
0Schizaea fistulosa
0Fora of Australia. (n.d.) Retreived from
0A short botanical glossary
0Flora Base Ampelopteris prolifera
V. Flora0Victorian Flora (Marsilea costulifera)
R. Best0Atlas of living Australia (Marsilea costulifera D.L.Jones)
A. Elliot0Goldfields revegitation; marsilea costulifera
I. Cowie, Westaway J.0Threatened Species of the Northern Territory Macrothelypteris torresiana
0Doryopteris concolor
0Doryopteris concolor
0Chelianthes fern.
0Fire responses of Doryopteris concolor.
0Species list for regional ecosystem 12.3.3.c.
P. D. Bostock0Flora of Australia online
0FloraBase. (n.d).
0Watersprite, Water horn fern Ceratopteris thalictroide
0Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn., 1821.
0Watersprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides
0Atlas of Living Australia
0Flora of China
0Flora of North America
0Lygodium flexuosum (L.) Sw.
Department of Parks and Wildlife0Florabase
Eof Life0Encyclopedia of Life
0Australian national Botanic Gardens
0Flora of North America
0Encyclopedia of Life
0Acrostichum L.
0Atlas of Living Australia
A. Biological Study0Flora of Australia
C. Cirnaru0National Tropical Botanical Garden
M. Schmidt0West African Plants, a photo guide
B. Harry, Program P. Islands Co0Microlepia strigosa. palapalai
R. J. Chinnock0Flora of Australia Online - Actinostachys digitata
Department of Parks and Wildlife0Florabase
Atlas0Psilotum: Whisk Fern
B. Harry0Higher Plants & Ferns of National Park of American Samoa
EOL0Psilotaceae: Whisk Fern
A. Dimech0Psilotum nudum
0Acrostichum speciosum
0Acrostichum aureum L.
D. S. Mitch0Salvinia
0Encyclopedia of Life
0Plant Evolution and Paleobotany
Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute0Acrostichum aureum L.


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