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1947Florabase of Western Australia
0Schizaea fistulosa
0Fora of Australia. (n.d.) Retreived from
0A short botanical glossary
0Flora Base Ampelopteris prolifera
0Doryopteris concolor
0Doryopteris concolor
0Chelianthes fern.
0Fire responses of Doryopteris concolor.
0Species list for regional ecosystem 12.3.3.c.
0FloraBase. (n.d).
0Watersprite, Water horn fern Ceratopteris thalictroide
0Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn., 1821.
0Watersprite (Ceratopteris thalictroides
0Atlas of Living Australia
0Flora of China
0Flora of North America
0Lygodium flexuosum (L.) Sw.
0Australian national Botanic Gardens
0Flora of North America
0Encyclopedia of Life
0Acrostichum L.
0Atlas of Living Australia
0Acrostichum speciosum
0Acrostichum aureum L.
0Encyclopedia of Life
0Plant Evolution and Paleobotany
0Adiantum hispidulum frond
0Class polypodiopsida [inactive]
0Acrostichum aureum L.
0Acrostichum: Leather ferns
ALA2014Atlas of Living Australia - Occurrence Record: DNA: DNA D0048700 - Actinostachys digitata
Astion, H, I1973Aquatic plants of Australia
Atlas0Psilotum: Whisk Fern
Carlosa2008File:Ceratopteris cornuta in aquarium alone
2chinnock, .J.Brownsey, P., .J., R.1987HYPOLEPIS
DPAW2014FloraBase - Actinostachys digitata
DPAW2014Department of Parks and Wildlife - Threatened Species and Communities
DPAW0Conservation Codes for Western Australian Flora and Fauna
Florabase2014Stenochlaena distribution through Western Australia
Florabase2013Doryopteris concolor map [Photograph].
Florabase2013Florabase: Map of Adiantum philippense
Florabase0Adiantum genus and species pages,2014ABRS Flora of Australia Online Search Results


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